College Objectives

  College Objectives:


To achieve the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, our faculty strives to achieve the following main objectives:

1- Providing distinguished education for the preparation of veterinarians of the graduates and qualifying them scientifically, culturally and professionally to support the public, private and mixed sectors.

2. Adopting comprehensive bases for quality assurance including internal and external evaluation.

3- Developing scientific research and postgraduate studies in the field of veterinary medicine and its various scientific branches.

4 - active participation with the corresponding colleges and local universities, Arab and international through the holding of lectures, courses, seminars and the prohibition of international conferences through scientific and cultural cooperation.

5 - Continuous improvement of the academic, administrative and educational organization of the College.

6 - Preparing studies and scientific research that contribute to solving the problems of society from the economic, agricultural and health aspects.  

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