About the College


About the College

     The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / University of Diyala in 2002 AD, and is working to create cadres specialized in veterinary medicine and the bench total of seven branches (a branch of Public Health, a branch Physiology and Medicine,a branch of Internal Medicine, a branch surgery and obstetrics, a branch of diseases, a branch of Anatomy, and the branch of biology Microscopic). Where the College received the first Dfadtha of students in 2002, and the students receiveduring the five years of schooling various Veterinary Science to qualify for a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery.

College vision

1. College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking a young college within the University of Diyala to check up a position betweenthose from the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine.

2. College looks forward to building a genuine partnership with the institutions of society as a whole based on the principle of public interest.

3. Strengthen the capacities of employees of the College of scientific, research and administrative.

4. Keep pace with continuous development to improve the environment, education and improving the efficiency ofperformance.

5. Support the process of education and scientific research, community service and to develop talent among students ofthe college and its members and sponsorship of.

College Mission

1. Our college seeks to improve the quality of educational performance and enhance the educational process through real partnership with Education institutions and departments of.

2. Seek to achieve excellence in the preparation of students scientifically sobering numbers to qualify for community service in the field of Achtssasm.

3. Conducting scientific research and the development of vocabulary study and updated in line with the development ofcontemporary scientific.

4. Inculcate the values and ideals among college students and affiliates and to reject everything related to behavior orpartisan or sectarian intolerance national, which increases the cohesion between the members of the community as a whole.

Objectives of the College

To see the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, our College seeks to achieve the following main objectives:

1. To provide quality education to prepare graduates of veterinary doctors and rehabilitation scientifically, culturally andprofessionally to supplement the public sector and private and mixed.

2. Atme the foundations of a comprehensive quality assurance includes a calendar both internally and externally.

3. Development of scientific research and graduate studies in the field of veterinary medicine and its branches in various scientific 0

4. Active participation with the corresponding colleges and universities, local, Arab and international through the holding of lectures and courses seminars and global conferences embargoes through scientific and cultural cooperation.

5. Continuous improvement of the organization of academic and administrative and educational College.

6. The preparation of studies and scientific research that contribute to solving the problems of society in economic, agricultural and health.




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