Scientific Symposium held on the occasion of World Day to Combat TB

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Updated   01/12/2010 8:57 AM

Under the auspices of Mr. Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, assistant professor, Dr. Abdul-Razzaq Shafiq Hassan held the symposium on the occasion of World Day for tuberculosis under the title (to work together to stop TB) on 24/3/2010 at the Hall of Alsescu in college, and included a symposium lay down three lectures of the masters of the faculty members in Sub Microbiology and Veterinary Public Health at the College: - Dr.  Abdul Razzaq Shafiq Hassan, M.. d. Ahmed Mohamed Saleh, M. m. Mohammed Tariq Ali. Was chaired by Mr. Dean's seminar, which was attended by a number of teaching staff, administrative and technical college and a number of students from the initial stages in college, has seen the symposium, which lasted three hours scientific discussions took place between the present and Lecturers seminar aimed at increasing awareness of health and veterinary seriousness of tuberculosis (TB) and the types of Causes of disease and injury places in the body and how it is transmitted and diagnosis of clinical and laboratory symptoms in humans and animals and the prevention of disease and the types of treatments are available. International organizations and programs to control this disease has also included a seminar, view the latest statistics and updates the global tuberculosis epidemiology at the local level and the Arab world. The seminar witnessed the distribution of gifts to the faculty present.

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